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Competition Entry by Berry (Member)

Submit Date: October 10, 2008

I'm the gangsta clown of the streets circus,
I'm the main attraction, and it aint on purpose,
im takin over blocks, puttin niggas out of commtion,
one fair warning, then take em out with my ammunition,
I watch carefully and pin-point my target,
take them down, for messing with my harvest,
and my mind always expanding like a bow and arrow,
I'll hit yah and have ur body meeting ur shadow,
ur more fake than N.Y. crocodile myths,
so i make u gon like an illusionist,
dont care if ur in a wheelchair,
pay me my money or i'll make ur life a nightmare,
i'll have ur soul abandon ur life,
and ur mind thinkin u were never alive,
so u rest in peace,
in my lyrics recipe

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