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Competition Entry by Liquid G (Guest)

Submit Date: October 10, 2008

So i look at this circus cant believe whats going down
its so profound i abandoned my home town
im looking for the fortune but i cant find the wheel
success is my target forget a record deal
fake mcs living in denial
liquid flowing like the nile
floating like a crocodile
you can catch me loading off verbal ammunition
but unlike your shots my shots aint missing
i glisten so take a second to listen
if its u that im dissing
then u in my recipe
to be the next mc
i murder verbally for free
ull have nightmares of me
liquid g flowing like the open sea
catch ya breath
like arrow head tips filled with poison
me and my boys into metal toys
make some noise
if u from illinois
now u like who is this
aka illsuionist
wanna clue heres a list
does hip hop still exsist
or did wayne slit its wrist
ill try not to diss
but mcs aint pushing t like clipse
harding than your girls nips
grab success before it slips
flow never ending like bottomless pits

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