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Competition Entry by Big $am (Member)

Submit Date: October 11, 2008

I'm a 804 indiana jones,
Cause I have a nightmare backbone,
Without the circus ringtones,
Transport ammunition keys to spain and rome,
So my recipe style be well known,
I just abandon the ice and chrome,
To get a customized two-tone I-phone,
Cleaning up this month's twilight zone,
With some holy wheel foam,
You reap what you sow,
Every word I spit is clean coal,
stacking up some real crocodile doe,
Gotta go gotta go,
Aim the economy relief arrow,
Target locked on a oil barrel,
Price of gas needs to be narrow,
Real lyrics that break illuionist mirrors,
Flame the competition like phoenix pharaohs,
Message to the gangsta foes,
Time for the 804 ghostwriters to rise up and grow,

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