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Competition Entry by Basicase (Guest)

Submit Date: November 18, 2008

Dude is a pirate you shouldnít hide it or question the liveliness
Yes bitch I singe the flavour into the layman rum with no chaser faces blur
Find me hiding on society, memorise some Ra-Ra, brothels got their eye on me
Made a man when I binged in sun rays and laid my ham in some bitch
Dump tricks off a bride, all is forgiven when I toast to God
Living in my own design, or mirage
Cocks like a barge and fits in to her arse like a socket in my garage
I mince the parts and eat terminal meat float to the beach so hermits can eat
Digital feats arenít complete, no cell phone, its in the sea
Getting to me, that the dancer in me, just canít be with cancer in knee.
He-he eat my pee-pee.

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