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Competition Entry by dante_1990 (Member)

Submit Date: November 19, 2008

here to send the message so everybody can get invited....low-key, observant gotta keep one eye open like a (pirate).. but way too fly to encounter with tubulance...please, (question)? im the answer so you ain't gotta ask jeeves.. do this wit ease...still trying to rise above they but sleep... cause the flow crazy like (flavour) of love peep,i been ready, my (digital) underground is to 2fly eli creep, neva but im always on the move too (forgiven) you not a clock with alarm so don't snooze choose? i think they do... ain't got a lick of plugs so im searching for the (socket)what about u? dont really care...woo john i think this is when i got to face-off my career? im trying head for the end of the(terminal)so i can take-off..fam don't need cane to be a menance 2 (society)different variety neva pause ....sick of the same ya'll ol dog..get wit it and check out the new (design)play the game right can't be pentalized im gonna put my name out over an over to make ya'll (memorise)...L* get at me

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May 29, 2016

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