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Competition Entry by LiCkeTy Splyt (Guest)

Submit Date: November 19, 2008

im a lyricist PIRATE/ I dun stay in one place at a time i migrate/
people can ask me a QUESTION/ ask all you want n I値l answer u wit teachin u a rhyme lesson/ I dun need a weapon (these wordz are weaponz)/ I can become a legend/ I can play wit ya mind n keep ya guessin/
I need a new whack ass rhyme so ima giv u any flavour/ n I値l do it as a favour/
Got a camera in ma head n a cd player/ I write rhymez im bout to go digital/ ima lifesaver/ a rhyme wrangler/ I can稚 be undastood so ima hav ta show ya a visual/
If im undastood then who carez ur fukin forgiven/
If ur undastood then ok an apology u want/ I値l give it/
Give me some internal problemz/ before I leave for the terminal/
Ha hit me bang ma head I値l fukin fight u in tha urinalz/
Hit me in the eye socket/ laugh all u want till I show ma fist pop n lock it/
Try n touch me/ then u値l deal wit tha knife that痴 in ma pocket/ ima menace to society/ u can c me on sum streets in tdot us kidz all in variety/
Im an artist I draw n rap I can hell of course carve this/ everytime I write a rhyme/ I design it in ma head/ that way I kno what値l hav to be said/
If you can稚 design this then u need to memorise it/
Memorize this rhyme as I write it/
Memorise fuk it/ I値l see it in tha air as I rise shit bitch.

Remember ma name boom///
LiCkeTy Splyt

hey holla at ma gurl man $piTter_MAgZ leave one LOVE man... ma first time doin this freestyle rhyme shit so whatev man jus holla at ya kidd.

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