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Competition Entry by Rap\'s Assassin (Guest)

Submit Date: November 21, 2008

Can I get a witness
this is my testimony
I married my better half
so there's no alimony
So why do I feel lonely
Bread winner of my household,
but homies barely making it
cuz the economies slowly taking it
what little I did have
it's time for a change
finally a Black President and it doesn't feel strange
no offense to Bill, but Martin Luther King was the first Black President for real
no need to wipe ya eyes
cuz we offical now
drop the bombs and make the country shake
whip this mother****** back in shape
like when everybody was smokin herb
right before the coke came
right before our people got hooked to cocaine
it was ok to be happy forever oppressed the nappy
so what do you expect at a time like this black man runnin the world with a positive lift
but the Banana Republicans can't see past his skin

It's Our time to Shine so Paint the White House Black, paint the White House Black,
We In Here.

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