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Competition Entry by MgdBr 416 (Guest)

Submit Date: December 3, 2008

when paint is pealin/ tha pain ur feelin/
tha wall comes sealin/ closin in our ceilin/

initiative/ incision/ incinent / decision / remniscin /
christmas gift/ liftin up/
liftin it up/ livin it up/ driven by us/
liften heavy stuff/ in very little money but not enough/
shootin stabbin wit machettes size of their arms.
killin it all / killin in blood/ happens all in their yards.
fillin in blood/ livin in mud. slangin dope n killin for drugs.
theres no hope/
no grass or grains, livin scared. they cant even see a flame.
they freak out / n try to speak out. talk then get hit n bleed out.
die from their own sons n fathers.
the young kids rebels n kill their mothers.
cant speak out . its either speak out or bleed out/
reach out, n you'll bleed to death. u dun got time to think bout tha rest.
u die either way, from germs n stench that instantly kill everyday.
they need our blessins. help reach to what they're destined.
its to live on to hear life lessons.
to be able to read n right. not have to worry whether them or their kids r goin to
die tonight.
whether they even gotta live their life wit bein protected by usin guns or knives.
or killed in a bunch a time.
think of who to help, instead of always save a life...

hey tell me if u like jus writin for awareness ...msg this


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