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Competition Entry by Mr, kid (Guest)

Submit Date: December 6, 2008

ok Mr shtick,
your thoughts are sporadic lyk you are addict
to put some claptrap which have been static
There’s no point getting into a panic
coz ya words is somfin lyk collapsed titanic
homie you lived in constant fear of satanic
but i pray to 'em and react lyk volcanic
pussy Things are manic in tha c-ro famine
And we are tha extended family
coz we delivered a homily on the virtues of crap autogenic
no homie you ain't galvanic coz ya anger run through cryogenic
betta go to clinic and be prepared in hygienic condition
start from children learning addition
subtract ya rendition, divide ya prediction
multiply ya skills and come to ma erudition
so that would be ya perdition
if itz complicated 'en elaborate through ya computer system
mayn did you got any conclusion bout ma cautionary tale
bout ma broadscale bustin ya dick and makin you a fine female
homie i kno you are suffering frm low morale
And turnin ya cute face in a pale complexion
now this is ma last phrase to keep ya own counsel
bout a counsel of perfection And I ain't got any affection
coz Im lyk MCz viral infection
ha ha I think you lost all sense of direction

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