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Competition Entry by Frizz3y (Guest)

Submit Date: December 7, 2008

my vision to success, is only written on paper
im spittin so much, im given haters a flavour
my saviour to rap will always live in my mind
i take the time to re unite my words n try memorise
for 1 day ill achieve my goal an proove to society
y i should b the nxt to respresent on who i can be
creator of success an a man of design
a voice to all my music lovin fam an who wamts to rhyme
they poppin questions, like a testment so digital
i could b the judge an prolly tell a thing or 2
the violence keep it silent, like a vibrant
pirate wit no eye in his socket blinD!
wen it comes to music i am forgivin
to all my enemies im lookin deep down within
this is the start or a new chapter
my terminal is only a distance away rapper!

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