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Competition Entry by *GhOsT*oF*a*DeAd*RaPpEr* (Guest)

Submit Date: December 23, 2008

Im sick, who got da MEDICINE to fix this sh*t
No one can COMPARE to the way i kick this sh*t
Cuz what u spit and sh*t.I just cant get wit it
Man I seen tighter (w)rappers on CHRISTMAS gifts
Who is this.?Its a Ghost Of A Dead Rapper
So watch my flow drop quicker than a broken LADDER
And u know my ARSENAL will give u all damage
If u come lookin for my bread just like a SANDWICH
Ull end up in a bandage wrapped from head to feet
Whip ur a** INDEPENDANT cuz my team cant be beat
And u cant compete when we hot like steam
So its only right when we see
More paper than a fax MACHINE..
And ask for me.When it comes to lyrical thought
Cuz u will flop, fall quicker than Owen Hart
Yeah u had ur time, but u lost it like a STOLEN watch
And Im so sharp so smart plus hungry like four sharks
Ur ENTERPRISE is a buncha pigs and im cravin pork chops
LOL...Im so hot so hot so dont touch
MERRY pass dat dutch.. - G.O.A.D.R.

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