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Competition Entry by Liam Brennan (Guest)

Submit Date: December 25, 2008

coming thru with a new arsenal,
got it wrapped like a christmas parcel,
lyrics that dont compare,
making bitches stop and stare,
makes u ill beyond compare,
this shit like stolen medicine,
make u better wen u sick,
cos i know u got syphilis,
a present for u like chris-a-mas,
dont wana miss-a-this,
eat ur mic like it was a sandwich,
now step back and watch me slam this,
they say dam its outta this world,
like a space ship - word,
star ship enterprise,
watch me rise,
just like climbing a ladder,
make u fall and ur brains splatter
keep u alive with a machine,
all u can do is dream,
that u never crossed my path,
im giving lyrical blood baths,
stay running independant,
and this flow is heaven sent. UHHHHHH.

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