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Competition Entry by hot az hellova (Guest)

Submit Date: December 25, 2008

uhuh iii..
fukin need this hit cuz im sick from this medicine need a heavy shit bag im mista independant .
i cut open a slice a ham n make a sandwich/
wrap in tha paper like a bandage/
i kno i can manage/ no longer / im stolen property/
im unstoppably rollin no hope for me to operate proper see/
i kno i gotta be happy cuz its christmas /
but fuk kidd i miss this/
whole givin is listless/
santa cant cum thru tha chimney so he gotta get down a ladder/
it doesn't bother me but i kno he thinks we dun fukin matter/
guess ill place a fire under them roof call me an arsenal/
call me no normal. hard for surely/ as get it/ im harmin yall/
this shit was hard to even bare/ cant stare . or dare to compare/
shit a what i been fukin thur/ cuz these enterprises/
only come in jus to surprise us. fukin ride this to tha place where im alive in

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