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Competition Entry by Big $am (Member)

Submit Date: December 25, 2008

Spitting out the machine gun funk,
Without getting crunk or drunk,
Cause Im going to super slam dunk,
This months holiday competition,
Post my hot lyrics on Christmas,
These other catz be rapping senseless,
Have no time playing table tennis,
Call me the arsenal Dennis the Menance,
That is real and independent,
Compare and pay attention,
To what Im trying to say,
I ace the spade the ladder out the way,
Get a BK sandwich done my way,
Rent a enterprise impala metallic gray,
On a medicine drop off sunny day,
Haters want me spray instead of getting paid,
Cause I never roll in something thats stolen,
Im one of the few that is chosen,
Invent lyrics on Laburnum and Bolling,
So my pockets can get swollen....

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fireworks, guitar, ink, messenger, spade, boxing, midget, ostrich, hamburger, gorilla

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March 9, 2014

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