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Competition Entry by Melcube (Member)

Submit Date: January 4, 2009

Ma game is so young so ma skillz's a ladder,
n like a new born i'll pee lines out of ma bladder,
Ma brain is part machine u can say it's bionic,
Like a terminator ma pocket is filled with arsenic.
Tis a medicine for a dude with a bread mouth,
I'll put in your lips like sandwich see how you gon sell out,
I'm not tha n**** in red and white at Christmas,
I don't even know why this people love me this much.
I run my buisness like an enterprise fast and wise and I'm takin' it personal if any shit gets stolen,
If you're a scapegoat honmmie you'll get trashed with wires till your whole body gets f***ing swollen.
I'm not attached to any label tha means I'm independent,
Sense is sharp like some scientific accident,
Violent like tidal waves got a trident,
Compare me not with Jam Jay, I'm present.
I got a thing for grey glocks and silver bullets,
And I ain't affraid to lock and load and pull it,
Ma arsenal is like the silver surfer built it,
Blindin' like the grillz in ma mouth yo check ti.

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