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Competition Entry by Miles Iton (Guest)

Submit Date: January 21, 2009

I climbed up the ladder to see Santa on Christmas
I think he doesn't visit the projects, I got nothing on my wish list
But hey, I'm a pretty independant guy
So I didn't need to sulk and I didn't need to cry
But then I saw a poor man on the street and asked him how
He got so poor, He said he invested in the DOW
And lost millions, so he got into the drug enterprise
He had guns and gangsters in his arsenal, and plus he was wise
Always dodging cops and escaping with his new stolen machine
Until one day his parents decided to intervene
And called cops on him and said they were doing good for him
They used medicine on him, got the drugs out, but he was dim
Looking and lost all of his crime money
Not to mention his health, he never looked sunny
He said he always asked Santa for warmth
And later that day I finally saw Santa on a night so dark
But instead of asking for the latest trinket
I asked him to give that poor man a blanket.

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