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Competition Entry by Lyric (Guest)

Submit Date: February 25, 2009

No other generation is more magical than my own/
There is no one passage, that is written in stone,/
Able to compare a great man to how amazing we are in a poem/
And we don't mean to impose/
It's just that we are suppose to be here and our arrival is unknown/
So instead of sitting back and moan,/
We get back and the zone, making more noise than a shotgun/
So you can notice us/
So don't run,/
And don't fuss/
Just know we will make our imprint like graffiti/
Believe at the top is were you'll see me/
And if you want to find US, you need to find first place/
It doesn't matter the race/
As long as we are going in circles and at least a triangle/
We will battle anyone because it takes two to tango/
So I hope everyone is ready because we are too much to handle/
We have more fire in our belly than a candle or a torch/
Because we we export the slack and ambition we import/

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