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Competition Entry by 1/2 cut 1/2 lit (Member)

Submit Date: February 26, 2009

my eyes beadie / grindin my teeth like im teething /
fiending / pissin on walls of shitty graffiti /
meaning / im a fuckin newfy screeched and swished /
so shit faced im like an alcoholic abyss /
shit theyre praying for me sundays lighting up candles /
they see me as lost as the bermuda triangle /
half cut the one drunk she pump my dick like a shotgun /
talking wit her mouth full / pettin' the possom /
they ll flock son throwing money to pigeons like bird seed /
scrubs feed / on a new generation of shannon tweeds /
catch my girl on her knees no joke both cheeks is full blown /
they both / look at me like im the one who imposed /
ironic this is what blows / a click a way on sympatico /
her adultfriendfinder nickname is magical /
a passage to self loathe/im as empty as i am broke/
trying to ride my bike wit a stick in the spokes/
my arrival no denial/ cant get past my front porch
this blunt is my future my light my torch

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