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Competition Entry by yung.rush (Member)

Submit Date: March 2, 2009

Rush is making an arrival in to this rap generation.
flows goin so hard, i'll put your brain on vacation.
it's like im comin through on a whole new passage.
I seen the mic sittin there.
so you know i had to grab it .
my insperations like a triangle, consists of three words,
ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER, now you know it
Ya heard?
I could write it all night,
my rhymes go off like a shot gun
sleepin on the thought.
I wake up and i got one.
and when im on the mic
I feel like im carrying the torch.
becuz i can't stop flowin, i refuse to abort.
magical graffiti in my brain.
no rules to impose.
take it back to the days with a candle.
Where nobody goes.

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