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Competition Entry by Alphabetik (Guest)

Submit Date: March 5, 2009

My arrival coincides with rival rappers mass departures
Like stories that emanate from generations past of marches
Check exodus where the blessed were left with safe passage
even when facing a great ocean thanks to Moses they managed
something mystical utterly unimaginable and magical:
they proceeded as massive seas receded in a fashion unnatural
and holding a flaming torch he aimed his people forth to freedom
so all you fake posers pray for Moses you're gonna need him
or get caught in a tangle as a microphone chord strangles your throat
in a triangle choke that might mangle like Curt Angle provoked
cause I spit the dope that no man can stand to handle that easy
like roman candles to a child or wild style graffiti
when i impose my will i compose greater prose than the quill of Will Shakespeare you don't fill me with no great fear
I won't jump back from your pump action shotgun
cause you ain't got one:
you's a chump acting like a gangsta but you're not one

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