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Competition Entry by bill (Member)

Submit Date: March 5, 2009

they all marvel at my arrival black, hat black jacket looking so magical their eyes bulge at the view of my cars torch fuck the interview bitch aint Scott Storch, am born hot men i can be handled am on fire am like a burning candle, so dont touch. cos ama burn ya but ama warn ya before i harm ya and have your mama in the church mourning ya, so in the process i should go on with my progress hun? yea. understand making money is my addiction i moved from ancient to a new generation so i, damage the passage to the past age, for a new dimension. and i suppose yall should impose a new post on the wall, with attitude see me pose on the wall, tattoo of triangle diagrams, what u call it graffiti? my fly ability is what i call defying gravity, stand on air like a magician and in a moment ill be gone like the bullet from a shotgun brrrra its bill signing off and am gone.

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