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Competition Entry by ispitbad (Guest)

Submit Date: March 10, 2009

to u it's like a fukin candle or torch/
but to me it's more to handle than strength n tha force/

u waitin upo ma arrival/
but i'm already here to climb ya'll/
i'll thrive yo/
n do what im supposed to/
im doin this poem not impose, get a clue/
i'll tell the truth n never need to pop one/
but you only use weaponry n still need a shotgun/
before you kno it/ u'll b first in tha casket/
so listen to the words i use n heres ur passage/
to get thru/
jus to get to u/
pull pieces together in number threes/
u'll be so blessed if u dun blaze the smokin trees/
one two three theres and angle/
i aim wit my words n burn u like a firy triangle/
im magical/ way past laughin ya'll/
im havin all/
this teenage generation/
bein put straight to education/
so no cops need to be in halls/
i am an artist to my words like im writin graffiti/
so i'll put rappin first n tag this wit ma blood that's bleeding.

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