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Competition Entry by ro (Guest)

Submit Date: March 16, 2009

mother fucker acting like they men of steel
nigger you still gonna rust
shrug you of my shoulder like dust
rapping like you just got you balls bust
fuck with my trust
me ill fuck you up
drink you up like coffee in a cup
and thats whats up
no matter how much i fuck ya'll up
the fun is never enuf
all of yall say the same shit
spitin shit like im the best
and fuck the rest
put most of ya'll to the test
1oo per Cent
ya'll wont make it
coz nigger like ya'll like to fake it
bitches saying their rhymeshot as a candle
my rhymes to hot to handle
rap and creat a scandle
nigger i will dismantle
im the shperd to the rest of the catlle
got cbribs the size os castle
they callme master
coz i just rap faster
the diff between me and you is that i put my dream in to motion
and not i rap and cause a commotion
coz i rap with a fucking flow and emotions
rap and make you have loose motions
rap and your bitches start having abortions
coz that my effect
mess with me and youre dick will get an errect
im like a disease you cant detect
and im end this shit
coz im tired of this bitch

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