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Competition Entry by eaze (Guest)

Submit Date: March 25, 2009

In he that is me known as eaze when i breathe/
lay the power of ten kilotons of TNT/
left in my wake the human torch burned to a crisp/
scorched for the dumb sence to impose on this/
my intellectual flos from no genie no magical touch/
provoked by the generation of kids that get free lunch/
its hits me to the core where is God & my angel/
caught with HIM and the devil sadistic twisted love tri-angle/
waiting on the arrival of a rival whose survival is a farewell /
rhymin savagely from a passage he concocted while in a jail cell/
my words are audible graffiti only seen in sound/
more powerful than a mosssberg shotgun that lay men down/
but its late the time has come to dismantle the candle/
and the flame u claim will give u fame that we know u cant handle/

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