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Competition Entry by original g (Member)

Submit Date: March 26, 2009

lets go, i arrive at my ARRIVAL on time at a sinful place
but i dont do what my GENERATION do my life is not to waiste
i walk a clean narrow PASSAGE thats full of hate,blood,death
all my attention goes on buildin positve vibes nothin else
24s jordan shoes riches ful of witches looks soo..MAGICAL
but all those thangs will leave you TORCH ,dont be a amateur
oh you want it, go ahead and put your head in a TRIANGLE
gurrantted you gone get scared up 4 real at every angle
you is a CANDLE in the night inside a really dark place
and every body wants that fire to come out of its place
but if you dont side track you will stick out like GRAFFITI
but we wont IMPOSE on that, were to focused on being me
i dont need a SHOTGUN for beef im to armed as it is
but if its for protection im a make berry pies outa his ribs

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