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Competition Entry by J.C aka Mr. IL (Guest)

Submit Date: May 3, 2009

I Count Sheep When I Got The Feelin Of Dreamin
Open My Pores So I Can Release The Demons That Within Them
My Cousin Father Sendin Him Postcards From Heaven
Im Still Wishin For My Damn Emotions To Set In
I Count Loot While Im Glidin Thru The Air On A Parachute
Soundin Like A Train It Go Bang When I Let It Shoot
Im Top 10 Sculpt My Statue If I Die
And I Want A Diamond Casket Dolla After Dolla
No Need For Da Plastic But There's Need For Affirmative Action
Keep Watchin The Globe Like A Satellite
So Negative, Positive Is The Way I Gotta Live My Life
If Im High Then Whats An Electric Bill, Right?

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