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Competition Entry by sah whyte (Member)

Submit Date: May 9, 2009

im lke ar blak blak blak sheep sinkin in ar titanic ship so rose met dis fine jack n couldnt help bt trip n den it sank coz wat fell dat dai waz ar heavy heavy rain so dey regret it n wish dey followed a train coz dere folks would ve neva ever felt dat pain dey would ve had joy like a whore whose hiv negative n not positive coz shes so protective n mke her visitors use a plastic in her i mean elastic in her be4 her statue comes out breathig lke its matured n be ar living creature n he or she will share ur postcard n life will be very hard n dey'll both be sad wit dat u si ur mind cant stay put u wish u can jst lay ur problemz in ar parachute send dem through a satellite lke 2 ar differnt globe n if possible dey should jst get shot by electric.

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