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Competition Entry by illwill89 (Member)

Submit Date: May 10, 2009

Im the best on the globe travel to Mars for competition/
Not a negative dude but keep heat in my composition/
NO mercy wit the flow no need to tap for submission/
Beef with me trust me not the right decision/
You didn't get the postcard I'm in style like true religions/
So I train with persistence giving my full commitment/
More like a obligation to resurrect hip hop/
polluting potent flows to the globe and whack emcee's finally flop/
black sheep of the game but I get dirty like gym socks/
Im a hip hop fans dream like feens with free rocks/
Ya'll rhymes stepped on I'm raw like straight drop/
Disappoint my art But I aint mad at cha like Tupac/
Electric with it, battling me will leave you shell shocked/
my lyrical hollows are never off target they're face shots/
No need to satellite the best rapper Im sick like bird flu/
I'm the New Edition busting out the plastic to destroy you/
Make you Free fall from the top quick no parachute/
If I'm in the competition guaranteed to win like staged raffles/
Coming at your head leave you stuck like statues/
You're just a fad Im permanent like tatoo's/

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