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Competition Entry by lefaraky (Member)

Submit Date: May 15, 2009

there is a land somewhere on this beautiful globe
a land of sun and low
with invigorating, whistling winds
usually seen on a postcard staked in a bookshop
there are some rugged peaks
man, hillocks and hills
with a statue of the king on the granite rocks
there is good tillable land
also cattle and sheep land
rich in animate treasures
not plastic-faked gems
the is never unbearably hot there
the "sun-burnt"people love it all

it is but a priceless pity
to pity those immured souls
even in their place of dwelling
an electric current passes through me
oh i shun and shudder
yet the peace loving people
endowed with stupendous pigment
are ready to parachute wit with forgiveness
with so much love like a long train of love
never with negative feelings or thoughts
prefer to live in a state of cognizance
or so it seems

i then wonder if it is possible
indeed not probable?
for the darkie to leave everything
like a satellite to orbit the earth
in philosophic resignation?
whether there is something we can do?
there is always a way!

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