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Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submit Date: May 18, 2009

This is a message im deliverin like a postcard
T.D.B is the definition of go hard
Cuz thats what in detroit and im living proof
Cowarads can't take the impact the so you use ya boys like parachutes So im making moves cuz yall cant stop dude yall in aw standin still gettin shitted on like statues
I could neva be cloned soon to be known around the globe im like shaq towering over you gnomes
My lyrics,Electric my flow u cnt mess wit hit u in da face wit a punchline have you seein stars on sum trek shit
Da world is mine i dare you to grab it im battle tested u can't take a dent da opposite of plastic
I was born to grab the mike rap circles round niggaz like sattelites So imma take my time and put u sheep in a line and get yall trained show yall the negative ones aint the only ones that attain

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