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Competition Entry by tremor45 (Member)

Submit Date: June 3, 2009

Your girl know me she know Im famous
I take all your chips the full house like John Stamos
Im makin her blush river like the royal flush
If you tryin to get with her I make your head crush
You a swagger stealin scavenger somethin like a vulture
My rhymes are an art like a Michelangelo sculpture
That hard white rock go through the whole cycle
You say you real? thats bull like Michael
My rhymes is hot but im cool like a fountain
i keep the snow the temperature of a mountain
Im out of this world, get your telescope
Check me flyin with Obi-Wan Im raps last hope!
You havin problems with the tech, you meetin your fate
I solve hardware problems like a new update
I Crack a Bottle like Eminem when i go through Relapse
and Im gonna keep it real Til I Collapse!

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