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Competition Entry by Spinna (Member)

Submit Date: June 7, 2009

If yall never knew me before, my name is spinna, and here is an update
I make other rappers sore, when they here my words, all of them drop, faint
but wait, Im so famous, I'm a sculpture of brilliance, my light irritates they eyes when they up late
I bottle yall up like soda, yall cant eat my ish, or drink from my fountain, you better get a paper cup, plate
I cant lie when I say Im hot, even in a relapse, I make the temperature desapate
I crush lil dudes quick, ready for the next round, or cycle, dont matter I'm a heavyweight
but Im not too heavy to run, jog, sprint, or carry a slightly quickened Pace
like the hotsauce, I burn yall out my way, you better reach for the telescope, cause your vision's looking opaque

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