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Competition Entry by 1/2 cut 1/2 lit (Member)

Submit Date: June 10, 2009

step to me you aint yourself cause my lyrics is so sick/
make you drop the mike and piss while your suckin your own dick/
this is da pros kid dont bother us vets/
my flows stretch like the wedgies over a fat dudes head/
thermometers explode when i flow like iron the mic so hot it glows/
dont need to check your temperature motherfucker you froze/
like a sculpture/ us vultures perched on the culture/
ive ate so many bad mc's/ ive got ulcers/
demographics/ where my from? im from the pen and paper/
nameless /not like the ones who just wanna be famous/
bench press the mic so phat it needs lypo/
my style so dirty the tracks on spin cycle/
hiphops laundry mat we only bring the dirties/
liqour in my fountain cup/ when im thirsty/
I'm a zombie to most in this concrete zoo they knew/
i'd relapse and wake up with the brown bottle flu/
no voice of reason freezin in my alcoholic freedom/
mcs either need balls or need a telescope to see'em/
so update your thesaurus/ your lifestyles fuckin borin'/
dont be crushed when the silence is broke by the snorin'/

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