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Competition Entry by Justin aka Myth (Member)

Submit Date: June 10, 2009

Even though im famous i choose to remain nameless
trin to be like two pac to the game and make some changes
derrangest the strangest m.c from the prehistoric ages
commin back with vengeance and a bottle
paper bag your moms head and pretend shes a model
pedal to the metal im livin life full throttle
im money over bitches that's my quote and my motto
but now for a clean slate , a quick update
rap is my fate my wife and my mate
so ima put in my two cents before its to late
and before im to broke to put food on the plate
i make these girls salivate like they got a crush
when i tell um i wanna f**k yo i make um blush
i give um multiple orgasms with a single touch
cuz i take my time i dont like to rush
just checked out of rehab so now its time to relapse
take three caps of ex and see how long ill last

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