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Competition Entry by jesuszg (Member)

Submit Date: June 16, 2009

Homie i can crush a fuckin tower with the rhymes that i write
coming out my mind and mouth or from a pencil in my hand
im trying to run away from death about to set another trap
that has me fighting once again but peace is all i want to have
my body's temperature turns cold, without a knife i slit your throat
so now im writing with no soul the bottle got me tripping more
this trick is old,
to write down my thoughts and let them go
i see the stars in my mind homie i dont need a telescope
I'm living life in the same cycle times old
now I'm turning to the lord but i guess he thinks I'm psyco
Relapse on the act, famous fountain on the back
update all the facts and build a sculpture when i die

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