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Competition Entry by Bless41 (Guest)

Submit Date: July 12, 2009

its bless, im back in thee FACTORY
actually, factually,
honestly, gotta be these rappers catastrophe
these bastards dont stand a chance
but understand my plans
to kill dis rap game and send it off in an AMBULANCE
im peelin off like a tangerine
got u shakin like a tamborine and jumpin like a TRAMPOLINE
im like an ECLIPSE, i'll cut off ya light n hide moons
hit hard like a TYPHOON
and kill ya night, by noon
dont try to come in my ATMOSPHERE
im rappers fear
and i'll still be here wen the SMOKE clear
i'll show up to the VENUE and ASSAULT da mic
im ultra nice
flow poison like a kobra's bite
im like a virus, call me PARASITE
so prepare da mic
for a sick flow, and get low like u scared of heights..

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