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Competition Entry by Rocket (Guest)

Submit Date: July 14, 2009

Sabotage, camouflage dats de name of da game,
Smoke dem up, tump dem down can't you see that's my aim.
On da streets of the hood bro theres a sick atmosphere,
Looting, shooting, parachuting to da ground, you here.

As I'm walking to through tha ghetto, bustin like a badass typhoon,
The parasite dat dissed me, you gonna feel it soon.
Assault in my hood yo, I'm glad I aint you
A lift in da ambulance, to dat silent venue, fool!

Yo eyes gonna close up, eclipse, you know tha deal,
To da man in Black's factory, yo fate it dun seal.
Yo feet gonna be dancin, like you on a trampoline
Slugs gonna be emptied swiftly out from my magazine

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May 29, 2016

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