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Competition Entry by Angel Q (Guest)

Submit Date: July 16, 2009

real quick let me get up on the mic
not factory made but non the less I'm still clever tight, quite the parasite, coming to assult your mind with my flow
however I bring it be aware of the smoke that'll blind you
take you off the venue have to call an ambulance cause ya hurtin' in ya mental, like man how this lady just blow me up like tally-ban balzin' on the track and of course i'm gonna win, going for first place, never mind an hon-orable mention, sit you in dention for even trying to step up the atmosphere is heat and I'm blowin it up. in this venue, a typhoon i come on you and attack, Just like spike lee, ya see ya gurls gotta have that, therefore i come over and stab it, i eclipse out the phonies no i'm not just chattin, lyrics hittin' higher then a trampoline, Angel the caramel twix, I'm divine like a hot alpha or phi beta on the scene.

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