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Competition Entry by CeL$ (Guest)

Submit Date: July 18, 2009

now as i hit d block,
u tryna ASSAULT me think u got me
but i hit ya lyk a TYPHOON
and u keep front me.
dis rhyme ain't m identity
mind ya i still got d dexterity
cus i d best ever ever made product of d FACTORY.
to reach dem heights i need no TRAMPOLINE
cus im d only black who beat d whites in d scene.
ima burst ya in d air
and make ma ATMOSPHERE bright
cus i d independent and u d PARASITE.
every battle VENUE incomplete widout ma presence
tryna battle me out carry dem AMBULANCE.
cus ima hammer and shatter ya rhymes
and blow dem out lyk SMOKE
shit! it wil b d only thing
dat wil carry ya dead rhymes back home.
dis ain't na ECLIPSE so hitin' ya direct
mind ya ma rhymes d best if u starta detect.

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