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Competition Entry by T.D.B (Member)

Submit Date: July 18, 2009

Imma detroit city boy da whole hood backing me
they say i pump out rhymes like a punch line factory
actually im growin mathematically academy awards yall r just acting b one wink have ur girl and her friends after me like a ninja girls stay attacking me bouncing rapper out the game im da hiphop trampoline so i suggest get a clue rap just aint 4 u go ahead and pick anotha venue i spit bombs every verse go BOOM rappin up storm betta yet a typhoon flow got yu in a trance gotta repair these rappers go and geta a ambulance if you can't tell by now im bout to run this shit blockin out other mc's like a solar eclipse i'd do alot for chedda but selling my soul i won't cause the lime light can fade faster than a match smoke i got da rappin bug naw more intense its like a parasite so the best dat i just mite naw i am to me its real clear cuz my punchlines surround us like da atmosphere so watch ya step cause im throwin yall like a vault i beat on tracks producers should sue for assault

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