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Competition Entry by Jewell Jackson \"L\'s\&qu (Guest)

Submit Date: July 20, 2009

Its a smoke shadow tryin to understand my factory of lines,
skills and a vision step out his atmoshpere and give it some time,bit by the haters parasite now your vision is blind,his lyrics are a constant assault like he equipped with a nine,keep venues bouncin like trampolines when he spittin his ryhmes,eclipsing mc's with ease he just eat them alive,laying on an ambulance saying he just there for the ride,try being a gentlemen young man its easy to be a goon,submitting your life to the drain like a typhoon, cuz most gangstas are fake they deserve grammies, cuz while they was in the bed i was hustlin in my jammies,trust me the street life is nothing that you wanna get into, im lookin everyday for a soulless body just to give it to, but dont get me wrong im really thankfull for the lessons, and i know everyday i get write lyrics is a blessing,im teaching yall like Coreta Stone get your fix,I refuse to use my whole 20 lets just make yalls death quick.

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