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Competition Entry by Audi-O (Member)

Submit Date: August 10, 2009

My flow goes around the entire globe,
But yours always off an on like a strobe,
If you think you da best, someone has to justify,
Most of y'all talk loud but it's just a lie,
Wanna learn how to rap come round here to see some framework,
If you watchin that dude then all you gone see is how a lame work,
Cuz I see you rappin on the street and its all nuthin trash,
You flow is no where to be seen,an you rappin to fast,
Work on your punch lines and all yo rhyme structure,
I stay flowin like blood from a knife puncture,
Start some beef round here and its on, no apologies,
In my click you should just know we all G's,
Your squad full of lames and pricks, so damn unbalanced,
Thats way when my crew around you all so tense,
Every damn gun we tote is laser scoped automatic,
Your gun game is nuthin but lies, its so damn cinematic,
Its like you are folowed around by a photographer,
Back where Im from we get a quater mill off a bird,
Thats why eveyone of us are above you like an apostrophe,
For y'all its another L, everybody lost, right now its defeat,

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