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Competition Entry by Sahil Datta (SD The Don Datta) (Guest)

Submit Date: August 11, 2009

Destination achieved only if we suceed
cinematic beleif determining how we eat
so we prey up on the weak and make them just go to sleep
a combination of concentration and will to compete
so im tryna run the globe when im running up on the street
justify what i learned and putting it to the beat
overcommin odds motiviation proceeds
no appologies we heavy weighting the league
high like apostrophes desecrated the rest
makin room up framework taking care of the rest
stacking the whole team pressin the competition
leavin no room to breathe we killin the oposition
and my position to show just what we reppin
dob and the structure is effevescent
the testin adolecnese unbalanced we keep ya guessin
just to see you stressin photographer every session
and we never talkin trash we takin the whole settin
back against the wall what you doin without a weapon
the lesson is bettin that you locked up confessing
yellow pad and all probaly pressin for a second oppurtunity

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