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Competition Entry by Rejuan Karim (Guest)

Submit Date: August 16, 2009

We be quicker than the beat far hitting like the heat
Wind riders fast to defeat any hater to pull or push to the edge
We face trouble to the end, justify our corze
testify with the truth as i conquer the globe
Want the world to see the bitter picture out here
Being shed from the truth, donít expect us to except the fate
like a cinematic scene, an automatic heat - reaction
Donít let colour divide us, where flesh to flesh,
Even blood to blood colour red
I dred to see what fate has in store for the world,
label us as trash, as you take our cash to start - new war
unbalanced photographer killed for a laughter
when can we end this evil structure
as the framework crumble, he comes a rumble
another needless war, many apologies
People say judgement day is coming, as u read the phrophecies
never see an end in the trouble to be free
left in the hang with like an apostrophe

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