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Competition Entry by DaProdigy393 (Member)

Submit Date: December 31, 2005

Wake up niggas,time to devour u cowards; burnin up dis mornin' i think its time 4 da cold showa;
Hot as tha sun, wordplay destroyen u niggas; lyrical dynamite put a hole in u nigga;
"Simply Tha Best" kinda like dat barba shop place, change ya identity, when twin glocks hit ya face; Shapen niggas up, wit dem scissors and clippas, pop a couple shots n ya mouf, i aint tawken bout bball nigga;
Im tha best u eva seen, its as simple as that, guitar to ya dome, enden u is as simple as that;
Some niggas call me "Spider Web", how i post up on tha corna, collecten ma scrilla and do ma thing wit it lata;
Street Pharmacist, pitchen dat hard rock and blow, i call it "engine fire" how it burn a hole n ya nose;

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