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Competition Entry by DaOnlyChef (Member)

Submit Date: August 20, 2009

Hate to be brash but most rappers trash
In it for the cash with no skills to last
That might sound rash, but I won't justify
Apologies from me? I'm not that type of guy...
So why do I say it, well see this my framework
No apostrophe just me to say a 'lame-jerk'..
Structures his plain-work, with rhymes lines and verses
They unbalanced half the time ur crimes whines and curses
Perversions bout the hard life, yet still homo-bashers
These rappers make me still like work of photographers
They won't be long-lasters in this game they cinimatic
But straight to DVD, they lame not-climatic...
Back at it Lindsay? With low-hands like seven-four?
Yet still play the cards as if dealt somethin more!
And of this I'm sure, and of this you should know
You can't rule the world if ya yet to see the globe!

Got a learnin disorder? I used your words in order..
An obscene sixteen I got and filled the order
And now I'm gonna order you writtas to the border
Cause you know you can not flow ten unless you do reorder.

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