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Competition Entry by zodapoet (Member)

Submit Date: August 25, 2009

I'm Zo tha poet I hold the globe and I might through it
at those who think thier pro's
but thier just the ones that probe it
I know it, your not the G's
thier can only be 1 no apostrophe
my philosophy is live intill you got to leave
with out relieing on apologies
its not biology, its true that pain hurts
but learning to maintain is what builds the framework
a stained shirt and a ruptured disk
thats the type of shit that teaches structure quick
if your flustered Qiut, instead your acting cinematic
so maybe as a antic I'll just lock you in the attic
your dramatic, crying about your cash, sitting on your ass
you arent adding to your stash, your trash
and I'm photographer I can take you picture but i cant provide you worth, whats worse is I'm the god of words
and I feel the earge to write so I got to drop the earth
I got to rock a smirk and laugh at all your talents
then I say goodbye to a wourld thats so unbalanced.

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