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Competition Entry by Krysez (Member)

Submit Date: October 22, 2009

1st again? Hmm...let me see, this style here is for free,
I got seven words for ya, "Give Up You Will Never Beat Me"
If you ever seek me, I'm right there, in nightmares.
And I might scare a fair share of yall when I bite bears.
Pull out ya last hair, who cares about a judgment,
Cause I was so high I don't know what that judge meant.
Nasty like bug mint, reckless like stuntmen,
I'm not a football player, but dog I punt men.
Rob a train in a hurricane, drain ya main vein,
How the hell you forget, I'm the sh#t, like toilet drains
Watch the hammer cock, I'm Stone Cold and battle Rocks,
When I pound the sound travels underground to Fraggle Rock.
Why I hop in a hooptie and you driving Porsche cars?
When I'm hot as supernovas and you not like dwarf stars?
Bad as my brother's report card, I will smother you,
Tell ya boys they better cover you or else recover you,
I'm like Ed Lover cause Yo!! I got MVP Raps!!!
I solve the case and save the place like I ate Scooby snacks
Nah yall can edit that, my time is up, I'll see yall later,
But ya best believe that "I'll be back like" like Terminator

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