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Competition Entry by mr.ammunition (Member)

Submit Date: October 30, 2009

check it.........this is an almighty k3's rhyme
fresh outta oven,am always working hard 24 - 7even like a wall clock,flows already hardened like a padlock
i rip heartbeats then make an underground song from ma dope lungs,all day ballin' like lebron james named the most feared hurricane,gangsta shittin'always in ya toilet,put ur career on signboards tagged "TO LET" before you meet me(emcees' terminator),ladies smooth operator,mid 80's factor think first b4 messin with a NFL game player,chillin'in ma lair still your dependable gunz' worst nightmare seen it all wit ma sniper eye while you gat a dwarf vision,reckless ambition,i hit dudes where they can't recover fast,and i don't put words in judges' mouth they know the judgement that am globally d BEST. (datz wotz up,yeah).

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flamethrower, accident, kangaroo, level, shark, oblivion, storm, vehicle, squeeze, energetic

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