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Competition Entry by yung ct (Guest)

Submit Date: November 5, 2009

I'm the shit Icome fresh out the anus
You dudes won't beef I call it angus
My money keep flowin so my words is a fountain
I stand tall and spit cold you can call me the smokey mountains
Too big to be picked up at the market heartless
killin tracks like I'm heartless
throwin more chips than poker
killin dudes all the time like batman and joker
I like hamburgers but I won't let no beef come between my bread
I'm lucky number seven Itare up tracks call me a hurricane
I spit so hard you wouldn't come from underground
I'm the terminator your worse nightmare
You wanna be a player you better come reckless
I wanna go to law school so I will deal with the judgement
Im married to the game like mt mom and her husband
moeny still pileing so you can't call it a dwarf

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